West Bay, Grand Cayman

West Bay, Grand Cayman

West Bay District Grand Cayman

West Bay Properties for sale in Grand Cayman

West Bay's real estate landscape is diverse, from opulent oceanfront residences and stylish condos to quaint island cottages. The Shores Canal front community is pure luxury. Exclusive Boggy Sand Road is a unique and quaint neighbourhood at the top of Seven Mile Beach.

The area is experiencing a revitalization with new seafront developments like Dolphin Point Club, Serrana and Oceans 9. Also, inland Salt Air Townhomes, The Meadows, West Village, 19 North and ARZA are all new development projects in Grand Cayman. Some of these are excellent Investment properties for sale in Grand Cayman. Famous dining establishments such as Calypso Grill, Cracked Conch, Macabuca, Tukka West, Ristorante Pappagallo, and VIVO offer exquisite dining options, whether a casual lunch or a special evening out.

West Bay boasts attractions like the Cayman Turtle Centre and Cemetery Beach, a hotspot for snorkelling and diving enthusiasts. The nearby Cracked Conch and Lighthouse Point are perfect starting points for underwater adventures. The great team at Divetech, the dive shop at Lighthouse Point, can guide you to nearby dive sites or take you to explore the Kittiwake shipwreck.
For those seeking outdoor activities, horseback riding and bicycling along the scenic and less-travelled Barkers Beach on the northern tip of West Bay provide a refreshing escape. Popular among dog walkers and kite surfers. Travelling from West Bay to George Town takes approximately 10-15 minutes via the bypass, so real estate here is an excellent investment.

Properties For Sale in West Bay

West Bay - Grand Cayman

Discover the allure of West Bay Real Estate. Nestled in the heart of Grand Cayman, this family-friendly neighbourhood presents affordable housing options. With select beachfront access still available, West Bay calls savvy investors with the opportunity to construct single-family homes along the water's edge, offering a distinctive alternative to condo living.

Known for its warm hospitality and community spirit, West Bay sits just north of Seven Mile Beach, embracing the western fringes of Grand Cayman. In Wes Bay, you will find the world-famous Turtle Farm. West Bay has excellent public beaches and parks, local schools, and grocery stores; West Bay fosters a distinct sense of community. Daily bus services seamlessly connect West Bay to Seven Mile Beach, ensuring convenient access to shopping, work, and other essentials.
The West Bay community stands out as an ideal haven for families and individuals yearning for an authentic local experience, coupled with the convenience of residing near amenities and shopping destinations.