Ten Reasons to List with Engel & Volkers in Grand Cayman

June 5, 2022
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Top 10 Reasons to list with Engel & Volkers Cayman Islands.

What makes us different than other Brokerages? 

Selling your home can be a stressful process. It doesn’t matter if you lived there for years and raised your family or if it’s solely an investment property that you want to sell.   We are here to help you thru the process with the least amount of stress and for the best possible price. Remember, we do this full-time for a living. So whatever issue or speedbump comes up, chances are we had seen it before and worked thru it.   Our Advisors are just that; we advise because we have local expertise in Cayman and know the local market trends.   We also offer detailed, continued online education. We communicate promptly and regularly with our sellers and also other CIREBA agents.

CIREBA has many good agents who have a lot of real estate experience.  It seems like everyone in Cayman knows at least 3 or 4 agents. So how do you decide which one to give the listing to?  CIREBA is a robust platform that we can all access and sees each other listings.  If we want to view a property, we call the listing agent.   The Advisors at Engel & Volkers do everything that a CIREBA agent promises and we do even more.

Here are the Top 10 things we do differently:

1) In-House Photographer: we offer our in-house photographer, virtual reality tours, floorplans and video artists, and your bespoke marketing pieces are ready in 48 hours!

2) Social Media at Engel & Volkers Cayman is engaging and effective; we find that our marketing pieces engage buyers and get showing requests.

3) Staging Your Property:  We stage every property, including moving furniture or removing it altogether, decluttering, cleaning, and buying linens to showcase the house in the best possible light. We will suggest some things that need to be fixed before listing.

4) Global Exposure: we are located in 1,000 important locations on five continents.  Our properties are on websites that reach over 100 million views. EDGE  (Exclusive, Domestically, Globally Exposure) is our secret tool.  Engel & Volkers ensures your listing appears on digital real estate platforms domestically and around the globe via various partnerships to confirm your listing gets the most digital exposure possible.

Edge Exclusive Domestic Global Exposure for Cayman real estate

5) Private Offices Advisors are an elite group of Advisors with exclusive relationships with high-net-worth buyers and investors to whom we send our listings.Private Office Real Estate Agents in Cayman Islands

6) Global Reach: We are genuinely connected with one of our collaborative networks. We have direct contact and friendships with other Engel & Volkers License partners who print out our listings and display them in their shoppe windows. We market where our buyers live, including LA, Denver, Houston, Dallas, Minneapolis, Tampa, New York, Boston, Baltimore, Chicago, Atlanta, Charlotte, Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal. We have access to all exclusive shops in Europe and worldwide, such as in Dubai and Hong Kong. Engel & Volkers has the only MLS for Europe, and your listing will be on that site as well.

7) Advertising Globally:   We have access to advertising in New York Times, Toronto Globe & Mail and The Hamptons, to name a few, at a fraction of the cost of others so that we can advertise more often. Along with full-page adverts in GG magazines and Private Residences. Both magazines are published four times a year. Your Grand Cayman Properties will be showcased in these magazines!

8) Exclusive, Competent and Passionate in our work. However, to achieve this, our Advisors engage in continuing education to keep them up to date with their skills needed to negotiate every transaction and be better listeners and problem solvers.

Competence Exclusivity Passion real estate in cayman islands

9) Charity: we are proud sponsors of the Special Olympics in the Cayman Islands. From every sale, we donate a portion of our commission to SOCI! Sharing is Caring.

Special Olympics cayman islands Charity

10) White glove service: we treat all our sellers with respect, and we work with you to get the best price with the least amount of stress.

In conclusion, if you are still undecided it is a good idea to interview a few full-time Agents and ask them what they offer that is different than other CIREBA brokerages.


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