Jon & Heidi Kiss – Brokers and Owners of Cayman Islands

September 10, 2023

Heidi Kiss and Jon Kiss: The Visionary Brokers and Owners of Engel & Völkers Cayman Islands


Engel & Volkers cayman Islands advisor team

Engel & Volkers cayman Islands advisor team

In luxury real estate in the Cayman Islands, Heidi Kiss and Jon Kiss resonate as trailblazers and visionaries. As brokers and owners of Engel & Völkers Cayman Islands, they have redefined the industry’s standards of service and expertise. We will delve into the remarkable journey of Heidi and Jon Kiss, their commitment to excellence, and their instrumental role in establishing Engel & Völkers as a leading luxury real estate brand in the Cayman Islands.

Heidi Kiss and Jon Kiss are renowned for their pioneering spirit and foresight in recognizing the immense potential of the Cayman Islands real estate market. Heidi moved from Toronto, Canada, to Grand Cayman in 1999 and has never looked back; she has been involved in real estate ever since. Jon joined her in 2007 and grew their real estate company Capital Realty Ltd into a brokerage Engel & Volkers head office in New York City thought was a good fit for the brand. In 2016, they bought the franchise for the Cayman Islands. Heidi Kiss said, “It has been the best decision we have made in real estate; we love the brand and what it represents; we love the ethics and honour that comes with working with some of the finest minds in real estate globally.” With a keen understanding of the local dynamics and an unwavering dedication to their clients, they have set out to redefine luxury living on the islands. Introducing the prestigious Engel & Völkers brand to the Cayman Islands has raised the bar for real estate services, offering unparalleled professionalism, market knowledge, and international reach.

Jon and Heidi deeply understand the Cayman Islands real estate landscape. Their combined expertise, honed over years of experience, enables them to provide invaluable insights into market trends, investment opportunities, and property valuations. Their unwavering commitment to staying at the forefront of industry developments ensures that their clients receive accurate information to make informed decisions.

At the core of Heidi Kiss and Jon Kiss’s success lies their unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional customer service. They understand that buying or selling a luxury property is a significant milestone for their clients, and they go above and beyond to ensure a seamless and personalized experience. Their hands-on approach, attention to detail, and commitment to exceeding expectations have earned them a loyal clientele and a reputation for excellence in the Cayman Islands real estate market. They have 19 Advisors working with them as part of their team who all have the same work ethics.

Engel & Völkers Cayman Islands has expanded its global network, connecting buyers and sellers across prestigious locations worldwide, with over 1,000 real estate shops spanning New York to Nice and Hamberg to Hong Kong. Their global reach allows them to facilitate seamless transactions and provide their clients with access to an extensive pool of international buyers and properties. This global network further enhances the exposure of luxury properties in the Cayman Islands and elevates Engel & Völkers Cayman Islands as a leading luxury real estate brand.

Jon Kiss and Heidi Kiss have made an indelible mark on the luxury real estate landscape in the Cayman Islands as brokers and owners of Engel & Völkers Cayman Islands; their visionary leadership, unmatched expertise, and dedication to exceptional service have set new benchmarks in the industry. With their guidance, clients can trust in their commitment to delivering outstanding results to help them achieve their real estate goals in the Cayman Islands.

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