March 27, 2022

3 “Emergencies” That Are Normal When Selling Your Home

Are you thinking about selling your home? That is a big step and sometimes overwhelming. Life throws unexpected challenges at us and times when you must move or upgrade or downsize. Your real estate advisor will help educate you on the current sales price and guide you along the way. Some variables can help or hinder your success.   Some issues will pop up in the sale process, so we will discuss a few things you could expect. Don’t worry. Your trusted Advisors have seen this before and know how to handle them.   You may be having an anxiety attack over it, but we have the skills to manage these emergencies.

Upgrade your property in Cayman or sell?

Upgrade your property in Cayman or sell?

Check out three things that could happen to you when selling your Home:

  1. You must declutter and stage your home.  I know it hurts to hear this, but you must listen to your Advisor on this! Your furniture and your photographs are unique and personal to you. NOT another person.   You may love the large, overstated dining table set you bought 20 years ago, but that was ages ago. Sorry to say, no one uses dining tables and buffets anymore. Cayman Consignment won’t even take them as they cannot give them away!  However, if you have too many pieces of furniture then send it over to click here for Cayman Consignment and Owen will be able to find a home for them and give you some money.   I know you do not want to hear that your furniture will make buyers run for the door, but it could.  We beg you to start packing up your photos and heirlooms to declutter everything. Hire a cleaning service to clean. If you need help, click here for some great suggestions at Staged.
  2. You must fix problems you didn’t know existed. You may love the emerald, green feature wall you painted 15 years ago, but most won’t. Call a painter and ask for a new quote for neutral paint! Fix the door that doesn’t close right or the soft close door that is broken. Change all the light bulbs, so they all have the same warmth. Fix or replace the split blind. Is the water heater starting rust in Cayman? Then change it to an on-demand heater. If the GFI plug in the kitchen is broken, have it replaced. When your Engel & Volkers Advisor comes in, they will be looking at your home with a skilled eye. They will pick out the things that buyers love and what buyers will see and make them wonder what else needs fixing.   Is that water stain on the ceiling a recent leak or something fixed years ago!
  3. The buyer’s inspector highlights all the things wrong with your home.  This report can send you and your realtor in panic mode. Some inspectors want to kill any potential sale of the home. You have already fixed all the things you know of, and these surprises can hurt. I know some inspectors make a big deal about wear and tear issues. If it’s not a brand new home, how can they expect everything to be 2022 quality usually reflected in the property price already? The buyer will often come up with a price they want to be reimbursed for paying for the cost to repair. Your Advisor will help navigate and develop a reasonable solution to getting this solved.
  4. You accepted an Offer to Purchase, and now the buyers back out. This is disappointing for all, your Advisor and, most importantly, the sellers. It’s a lot of emotions to deal with when you finally agree on a sale price with the new owners. Only to have the buyer’s financing fall thru or the valuation didn’t come up to what you were selling it for.   Or maybe someone in the neighbourhood told a tale about crazy party neighbours across the canal! Or perhaps the inspector found termites under your deck, and the wife is freaked out about them, even if you offer to get rid of them. Whatever the reason, reasonable or not, you are now BMK  or back on the market.   Your Advisor should have already asked if the buyer has been preapproved; some rooky agents are so excited to get a buyer they don’t ask the hard questions.   Or the Agent didn’t work with the valuator and help them see the value of your home is the purchase price. The appraisers sometimes don’t have the most up-to-date Engel & Volkers agents’ data. Another way is to reduce your stress level is to accept a backup offer should the first offer fall away. This will help with your stress level!

In conclusion, selling your property can be difficult, and that is why you need a trusted and competent Advisor to guide you.   You would not hire a doctor to inspect an elevator shaft. He is brilliant; however, he does not have the skills in elevator maintenance. That is why you need a full-time real estate agent who does this every day. We can keep your anxiety level to an average level throughout the process. We listen and guide you. For more information on selling your home, reach out to me on my cell phone at 345.525.1126 or email us at heidi.kiss@evrealestate.com


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