After being Offered an opportunity to work in the Cayman Islands by a friend, Blair decided to give paradise a try for a “short while” and left his home town of Victoria B.C. Little did he know that this would be where he would set his roots! Blair quickly fell in love with Grand Cayman, it’s people, the weather, and most of all, the beautiful Sea. He quickly became an avid boater and has learned to navigate the Cayman waters with ease. He started his own private boat charter company "Blue Haven Charters" more than a decade ago and is an all around entrepreneur with his many successful businesses which include a pool maintenance and handyman business catering to the north side of the Island, particularly the laid back district of Rum Point/Cayman Kai. Blair, and his wife Jennifer started their investing in Grand Cayman with a vacant lot, which they have now built their present home on. Later they ended up buying more land and then most recently a beachfront investment property in Cayman Kai. Many of the neighbors know that they can count on Blair in a pinch if anything goes wrong with their properties, pools or boats. Purchasers have even relied on his boating expertise to help navigate the seas so they can get themselves from "A" to "B" on their own. If you are contemplating building, he is the guy to talk to ! His background experience is in electrical, plumbing, construction, and he is a certified pool operator. This came in handy when he built his own home in 2008, and he has lots of contacts to also guide you though this process. Blair’s handyman skills come in extremely helpful with home owners and purchaser’s alike, and with his wife Jennifer’s knowledge of the NS/Cayman Kai/Rum Point market, this makes them a single point of contact for all your home buying and selling needs.